Violence – a recipe for disaster

With the rise of violence and destruction as a tool to fight against social injustice, on university campuses, townships and highways, the beckoning question is always why? How could violence and vandalism improve social justice initiatives?

In this opinion piece published in The Conversation, I discuss the roots of violent behaviour in our country and note that Justifying the use of violence to fight social injustice is a recipe for disaster.

“As a nation we are still reaping the fruits of the violence of apartheid and the use of violence to fight it. South Africa’s students can help the country break that cycle. And is it not central to the call of university students to say no to the status quo, in this case the use of violence, and to provide a new and better way?

A concluding thought by King is also cause for further reflection:

It (the nonviolent approach) does something to the hearts and souls of those committed to it. It gives them new self-respect.”

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