Dr De Vos Case – Expert Witness Report

“Dr De Vos has been prevented from practising as a doctor for the past 2 years as he waits for an opportunity to defend himself. During this period the HPCSA as yet has not managed to conduct his disciplinary hearing. After two attempts the matter is now set down for the 28th October – 30thOctober.

Central to the hearing is whether or not Dr De Vos’s view that unborn children are human life is rooted in medical science, or is merely his religious viewpoint. To this end the attached report by Dr Warton has been sent to the “prosecutor” in his disciplinary hearing with the purpose of giving him notice that Dr Warton will be giving evidence at the hearing on behalf of Dr De Vos. As yet the “prosecutor” has not given Dr De Vos’s legal representatives any notice of expert medical evidence it intends calling to challenge the view of Dr Warton.

People are encouraged to distribute the expert report of Dr Warton as widely as possible.”

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